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Source of Lit - Unsaid - Brian Schorn

Cover_small_4  Brian Schorn - Three Poems

I'm going to admit up front to not fully understanding the poems, or what Schorn was hoping to get the reader to take out of them, and am interested in finding out what it was about them that grabbed your attention. 

I think there are some great phrases and lines that sound great when read aloud, but the question I really walked away with after reading all three of these a few times apiece was - what in the world do the titles have to do with the poems?  Searching a bit further I do see how they might tie in, but it led me to wondering, for you, someone to whom words are so very obviously important, that is, specific words, and their placement within each piece, how important is the title of a piece to you? 

David McLendon

I was first introduced to Schorn's work through his collection, Strabismus. What appeals to me most in his writing is its liveliness. The poems at first glance may come across as stream of consciousness writing, but Schorn places a lot of meaning behind the structure. Regardless, it's the sensation of language created by Schorn that draws me to his work. The words appear to be living organisms on the page. Like Kira Henehan, Schorn is both smart and playful. His titles fit this category as well, and I see each matched perfectly with the text appearing below it. When referencing John Cage and Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, Schorn builds a narrative that stylistically reflects their lives. Schorn appears to me as a scientist-musicologist-historian with the soul of a poet. Each of these disciplines has a place in his work. He is curious and always learning--and he turns his knowledge into curious art.

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