Ross White


Someone turned Civilization into a video game, so I'm destroying the Incas.
Though days ago I could have sworn I'd never eradicate a whole culture,
I want those resources. A thick karmic retribution, a la Kafka,
may await me, but it will not keep me from deploying this archer
to Cuzco and that battalion to Antisuyu. I have already quashed the French,
though that caused a less severe remorse, and made grudging peace
with the British only after occupying Liverpool, when I had to retrench
before they captured Rome from me.  I could crush them now with ease,
but I'm a benevolent tyrant.  I'll throw my whole Civilization into disarray
soon to promote democracy, but let me enjoy the fruits of despotism
for just a few minutes more.  It's not that I planned to rule this way,
but this is the only thing I rule. I cannot simply throw chariots at the schism
I feel with my own country. God, grant me the serenity to accept, to admit
all that I cannot change into the walls of my small kingdom, and control it.