Sean Kilpatrick

A man strangles a woman. She is lifted into the air. Their bodies lit, frozen. These are paintings wobbling on a series of backdrops, actors' heads poking through.

MAN: I'd like to get to know you. If that's okay. I'll fetch myself wrecked by movement. Treasure you about an inch. I'll ruin your sense of alarm. I'm building a home of every sneak you snuck, dude. Where I rid you of bitchiness with a single tusk. You give snippets of approval here and there just to keep me conscientious. (Small explosion). I bow through your moods ready to reply. Are you self-conscious about your body? Spaces don't count if they haven't been torn there. That pussy claps around. An altar for crime, my crimes, mega-plural. They start when I wake up. Approximate the joke. No, someone looking good as you ain't required to contribute. (Explode). I hug you a lot. You get annoyed because I'm kind of silly and your disappointed expectations have turned you constantly quite serious. Cute toenails. I cheat on you with the television. A man does not love outside whatever maximizes relaxation. Screen the socket where my nuts guess. Objective distance quells you. I always keep within my rights. Still, I sleet apologies. (Explode). Offspring, build a roster. Basically garage my expellant. Our chum silent bitch-girl. Her groin is ours recycled. Mmm, sliding contour through feigned darks. We are the proud infectors of a life. My main job: jabber everything's okay. Nothing's been okay since the big bang. Anyway, roll baptismal juice fallow districts from change. Bomb the new. I believe in free assisted suicides for everyone who shakes my hand. I believe outside my house is all pennies. Step back, my hygiene dines on itself. I liposuction our crabs because they touch. You hike into nests. (Her period covers his arm). Aw, love every pain you've had. I swaddle your feces. I'm a flea jockeyed in your stoma twenty-four seven. Pagan in that feed. The testimony of everything right about being alive becomes activated the moment you flinch.

WOMAN: Boy, I'm the calamity being said. Note the sorry varnish. Note your propensity for shrinking. All this would and could. Such male tutelage ralphing its own veneer. Now let me visit gravity as a second pan full of tame spitties spat by saying rawr. You poorly steer the immaculate. You're an ingrown patient beeping his Hot Wheels. Plus, the ceiling's dirty. Plus, I shower in your tools. Hello! I give out the belly buttons here, fuck-flak. Men pass through my prayers throat-banged by mountainous clit. Meanwhile, your every succinct point gets clenched through my halo. When I rip loose our little boy he's going to wear each dress I hate until his peener swabs the deck. I keep snoring through the trial they'll give me for his death. Men who best themselves at love equal unvacuumed fetus I've yet to huff. Oh, and all silence is not stoic. Yours feels practiced. Set me over by my flowers. They tell me what to do. They span the gimmie gimmie this home constantly booms. This home, this home! I've planned an escape from debt so fucking long I've learned to despise whoever hands me gifts. I'll tangle your daydream. We'll pursue drawn-out deaths. My clothes are the only bracket between me and other men. That's why I need so many. I soil myself on purpose for your legacy. Where are all the self-improvement books I keep molesting you with? Why don't their clipped paragraphs line your unhygienic foreskin? But I do enjoy being an object bound higher than maybe television. I have good stories. I'm shiny. I have relatives that hate you and give off radiation. Your unfulfilled needs afford my every strength. Looky-look, I'm your gunky dame, like, bondage is over. I can sit through anything you try. Thus I'm better organized than all beliefs. Not much will do. At least I conquer. All the way Disney.

Man bent behind another, arm inserted to the shoulder. 

PENETRATOR: Knock the hum. Out your boo-boos. Juice those jammies. Help the labyrinth hail gloom. Oh, fully your son back here. The buck-most baby left a precipice. You ate something angry. Will Adorno fan the pretty-please? I see heaven and nickels. My knuckle-bones shimmy heinous, such mousetraps, yum, shelters grown cowardly never yawn. I pet pink a muscle, velvety, ravenous, ha. The glow I've been chasing since adolescence let me down. Fast rivets soupfly our knowing. I'm mom twice over. Ha to the strings. Ha to all who scowl behind aesthetics. I stage your surgery mid-air. Born wearing the same hat, we make starving decadent. One last uppercut and love turns us blonde. Fuck the ruler. I am inches crowned. I'm the only stump your function has. Every stretch of ground I've faked walking. Industry in a handful. How's my tickle? Trench the shock further adjectives, slick-ticker. Fulminate platform diabolical hymen, my tin grip, all Frankenstein claiming pets, pet, kitty likes. What's the horrible thing say? A whisper or crouch? Bunch of sanguine fur shitting heresy? My fillings ejaculate gosh-like metals. Mommy won't buy anymore puppets to cripple, help the car keep breathing, fend off those college loans, scooch sweet conjecture. I haven't let ventriloquism mean everything outside our place not my retracting cuticles. Tap, tap, tap, blood pressure's here. He needs a caning from your smoke. Beloved cluck, hammers never shush. I love you lacking stricture. I love you faster than coffee.

PENETRATED: Roadrunner deep, bowels for season, for the cancer I know you are, loping assward through shelter, for that shelter's loss, everyone's loss so always. Bask in my gobble, basketball the gulp sixty kilometers, seventy – the bong you can't share. If you think for a second I will sneeze and break your arm. It will be blown off the planet unloved and sizzle nightly in the sun's paler pussy. Everyone is a ladle for mistakes and I am them. Be the wizard of my dong's removal, because it would take fucking days, then sip near the tippy-hole, going: wishes hurt! What hurts: being groped or being fed? The night you turned over in your sleep and I ran toward you screaming was our last shared experience. I tan your osmosis, dissipating your reach. Careful, there are scraggily broads bicycling the sunset through suburbia like white-flight orbs rewound. Happy worth seeks its kind. Privilege withdraws, especially from me. Still, I am a man unarmed against the diplomacy of his own tang. I am newspaper hollow. Hen fucked. An anti-beard. Be my eyes Mohammedan laughter? Psh. Ask Vlad, nothing manufactured visits my tum. My sonnets victimize the phone book. I'm the kind of friend that comes with technical support. I have arms like a dentist. Ways you can't clobber. I sense fat before I'm near it and smile in any situation. My pre-cum feels vintage. Post like Formica. I speak a thousand languages per sentence. This is working out.