Sack of Oranges

Darby Larson

Quirt, so it starts, whimpered at and standing under the crystal chandelier in the foyer while Mister Vin at the table considered slightly the kingdom of pillows and of embrangling the dog and of the obviously happy Quirt at the table next to himself, Mister Vin. We'll start with the pillows. Quirt said this. "We'll start with the pillows." And the dog. "Blah blah," said Mister Vin at this. Obviously healthy, and the crystal chandelier chandeliered the room. Pjilkm performed flips in the voluble kingdom and the dog rested on the table or under it. "Okay." Pjilkm said okay. The dog was obviously happy on the table or under it. Quirt was healthy and whimpered so. The dog aimed its whimpers at Mister Vin so Mister Vin took his fantastic and embrangling strangling fingers elsewhere, to the backyard possibly. Mister Vin—such a voluble, obviously happy, healthy specimen—whimpered at and embrangled the dog on the table. And Quirt. There went the kingdom and the dog with it. Out with the voluble dishes, in the backyard, where Mister Vin vanished to, or maybe Pjilkm? Voluble and disguisably capable. The dog was obviously happy with all this. The kingdom nodded with the audience satisfactorily. Quirt, Pjilkm, Mister Vin and the dog all rested on the giant pillow in the kingdom of voluble whimpers. The dog back flipped. Quirt front flipped, rested, walked. And Pjilkm, obviously happy, showed it. So Quirt, quite cold, quite cold. While the healthy Mister Vin sat on the pillow brought in from the backyard where Pjilkm practiced his back flips. The dog in the kingdom of embrangling cowpokes rested on the table and Quirt gave Pjilkm a hug and felt warm after, physically and figuratively. Beneath the crystal chandelier, the dog rested and waited for the voluble thing to swing. So the dog whimpered, "Quite cold." And the healthy Mister Vin flipped in the foyer. The crystal kingdom and the healthy dog felt the voluble Quirtness of everything and headed to the basement of the kingdom of embrangling Quirty. Quite cold. Who ever heard of a dog in the kingdom of whimpering pillows? Mister Vin and others had. Quietly as could be and as could be seen from the kitchen, far from the chandelier crystaling the foyer, in the foyer sat Quirt. "All of the air is quite cold in this kingdom," whimpered Mister Vin and no one heard him but the dog who whimpered back. Quirt felt this was all quite cold and whimpered so. Mister Vin, always healthy and voluble, rested on the pillow and tried to organized thoughts which had been earlier so embrangled beneath the crystal chandelier in the foyer with the dog barking barking. All while the dog, barking barking, and the rest of the quite cold but healthy family felt voluble and like a sack of oranges under the sun. This whole time Pjilkm had been in the bathroom fetching soap. "How utterly voluble," embrangled the dog, so "Who lettruy ublvoue," uttered the voluble dog, so. And the quite cold air Mister Vin had been remarking upon flew into his ear. The sack of oranges in the kitchen felt the sun from an aimed at ray of sunray from the crystal chandelier, beneath which, the air of the foyer felt quite cold, quite utterly voluble, Mister Vin felt. And the dog wouldn't stop whimpering and Quirt, quite healthy and voluble, rested on the table, embrangling ideas and wrangling the flipping around acrobat of his dream. Later, the dog and the rest rested in the kingdom of the crystal chandelier, then woke and poked their noses around and found Mister Vin finally, asleep in the backyard. The sack of oranges had become quite cold and Mister Vin whimpered so. Pjilkm rested. All of this in the kingdom of the sack of oranges and the oranges bumbling around in there. "All this voluble, embrangling," thought Pjilkm at Quirt and Quirt replied whimperingly, "The dog was a mistake." In that moment or suddenly proceeding it, the crystal chandelier crashed down crashing the crashed-at ground of the foyer with itself.

And now the growl from the foyer and the dog and its lungs and throat. Mister Vin in the backyard came inside to the not-backyard and uttered a whimpering gasp sighly. Pjilkm ran out of the bathroom and into the hallway and then into the kitchen to run sink water on his on-fire hand. Quirt considered everything happenstancely standing from the roof of the kingdom happeningly, then later lounging on a pillow, scratching a new dog growling growling. The sack of oranges in the kitchen did nothing with themselves. Mister Vin felt quite cold and voluble about everything. The dog whimpered and Pjilkm took the hint from the dog. "The dog was a mistake," Quirt wouldn't stop saying. The rest of the rest of them ate in the kitchen that evening and the next day the dog growled and Quirt woke and Mister Vin didn't. Pjilkm, still healthy, ran into the foyer to practice his back flips onto crystal shards. The neglected sack of oranges in the kitchen remembered their neglection, then aimed their thought rays at Quirt and Quirt said, "Oh, the oranges." Mister Vin, quite healthy still, took a rest and told Quirt to jump. All this in the kingdom of embrangling. Now there was light from the window and all about the kingdom like a nail gun driving it into crevices. Quirt and Pjilkm and the sack of oranges ate each other and pondered the embranglement of recent events and Quirt decided that none of it ever happened and Pjilkm decided that none of it had either. Where was Mister Vin? Out dancing. The dog rested and growled growled in the kitchen so Quirt threw an orange at his head. The healthy weather producing light from the window rested as it penetrated the kingdom with its light and its voluble kingdom of light. Mister Vin coughed and Quirt heard it come from the backyard. Quite cold and voluble, Mister Vin sat in the backyard and embrangled his thoughts into new ones, then erased them, then added more, then pinned them to the floor. The dog, the light from the window, all added up as one and one is two often adds up similarly. The dog back flipped and Pjilkm clapped. "This is certainly a memorable morning," thought Mister Vin, then erased the thought, then thought this: "The light from the window, is it voluble enough for the rest of us, for the growling dog, the embrangling though healthy Pjilkm, the quite cold Quirt, and the miserable sack of oranges?" Ftyd stood in the foyer holding a new sack of oranges and growled back at the dog growling growling at him first. And the healthy, though quite cold air was all about them and passed into and out of the lungs of Quirt and Mister Vin and the dog also. Dogs breathe also. "The kingdom, the light from the window, everything," thought Ftyd as he stood and watched time happen in the foyer of the kingdom of voluble dogs. Mister Vin back flipped from his seat and felt quite cold, quite voluble and decided to take a rest in the kitchen, on the floor. Quirt stepped over Mister Vin and growled at Ftyd who rested in the foyer, on the floor, amongst shards of a previously crashed crystal chandelier plus particles of light from the window. Then the light from the window flipped volubly over the dog and Mister Vin embrangled himself on the floor with a growl and a nod. Quirt, who'd been quite cold, though healthy, rested using the sack of oranges as a pillow. Ftyd heard about this and felt quite cold as a result. So the light from the window embrangled the kingdom and the kingdom said, "Quite." And the kingdom felt quite cold about it. The dog flipped over the sack of oranges and Ftyd clapped and woke Mister Vin who resumed embrangling his thoughts on the matter of the quite cold sack of oranges and the impressionable Quirt in the foyer singing a forking tuning folk. Mister Vin and Quirt, quite taken, quite impressionable, quite cold to say in the least. So Ftyd took up to embrangling the dog against the growling sack of oranges beneath the light from the window and before it left healthily, skipping down the streetwise. This kingdom for a dog and Ftyd on its back for once. Mister Vin witnessed this list of embrangles under the light from the window in the kingdom of Ftyd and felt that all was good and well with it, although certainly quite cold. "Enough," Quirt blurted and the impressionable Mister Vin in the backyard complied and the dog flipped onto the sack of oranges and growled at the light from the window and the waves it made off of the crystal and rested on the lens of its eye. Therefore, nothing was left over and taken as impressionable for the young Ftyd and his neglected sack of oranges. Another was Mister Vin at the door, healthy and studious at the door. He spoke thusly, "Two more and where's the dog?" And at once they gravitated to the backyard and greeted Mister Vin and his victuals, quite cold and impressionable, quite like a sack of oranges and a growling growling dog to boot. In the backyard where the light from the window came from before coming from a sun. Ftyd and Quirt ran and growled at the face of the dog who's mouth and vocals growled back and spoke between themselves a conversation involving resting and flipping and feeling healthy and other embranglements. A healthy dog and a light from a window and Ftyd and Mister Vin at it again. Quirt, quite cold and quiet near the fence flipped onto it and walked along it physically and figuratively. Resting, the dog flipped into a dream and woke from it instantly, complaining about his good health and bitey bark while the sack of oranges in the kitchen felt neglected and impressionable. In the backyard, Mister Vin and Ftyd and Quirt felt quite cold and quite something else unfingerputonable. Mister Vin imagined a new dog, then there was one, and Quirt decided to embrangle his pants so he did and threw them over the fence for the perhaps pantsless neighbors. "Bark bark," Quirt replied and the new dog eyed him quite impressionably. Suppose Quirt and Ftyd and Mister Vin and the dog wrapped themselves into the same blanket and hibernated for a minute, and then that happened also. Mister Vin yawned and considered what day it was. Quirt continued to rest and the dog felt the light from the window upon the hair in his ear, and the dog wept because of this. Ftyd considered the weeping dog and laughed. Then the healthy and vibrantly impressionable Mister Vin flipped the sack of oranges over his shoulder and decided to leave forever. "I'm staying right here forever," he told the dog whisperingly, then sat on the sack of oranges and plotted his next move. Quirt, healthy and quite cold, and the backyard was full of all of them. The light from the window fell upon the backyard and the backyard spit it back out and into Mister Vin's eye and the dog bark barked. And Ftyd, remember Ftyd and the sack of oranges? They fell asleep, one under the other, and the sounds of resting could be heard by the neighbors and backyard dogs of the street. The impressionable light from the window held its impression through the window and onto the piano. The rest rested and growled into their dreams. Quirt continued to hibernate and the dog hibernated in Quirt's hibernation dream and back flipped into the backyard from the window again. The healthy, the quite cold and impressionable Mister Vin impressed upon the growling neighbor that Quirt and Ftyd were only temporary and the elaborate scheme to hold the particles of light from the window on his tongue would evidently be thwarted by younger adversaries. Okay, so the dog laughed and hiccupped twice at this, and the sack of oranges in the kitchen, still neglected, but growing older and unfirmer as time went on as indicated by the shadow of the piano from the light from the window. Quirt in the backyard looked to the sky and considered his impression of heaven and how it impressed so heavily upon his impression. The elaborate back flip the new dog performed made the old dog bark bark and finally everyone rested finally. And everyone hibernated for the evening and grew themselves awake in the morning and ready for another one. The ever healthy Mister Vin finally came inside leaving Ftyd and Quirt to hibernate in the quite cold air and frisky morning water. He lifted the sack of oranges and set them down again. And that was the end of Mister Vin. Hibernating in the backyard still were Quirt, Breop, Ftyd and two dogs, or one dog and two ticks on him. Seven growling ticks lived and died in the last minute regrettably. Breop, quite impressionable, felt the quite coldness and how it impressed its cold upon him and the elaborate manner it went about doing so. And the dog now, flipping and flipping, back flipping and landing on the chair like a sack of oranges landing on the sand. The light from the window elaborated the scene and its furniture to the audience. Ftyd felt quite cold and told Breop so, and Quirt said, "I'm hibernating, okay." And the growling growling of the dog's throat bellowed in the evening and hung around until midnight, then rode away on the waves of the light from the window. Meanwhile, everything felt quite cold and contemporary. Quite impressionable and elaborate were the sack of backyard oranges. Quite cold and impressionable were Breop and Ftyd and Quirt and the dog and the new dog and the first dog flipping around each other elaborately, then hibernating beneath the light from the window once. Okay, there's Quirt and that's that, okay. Breop said, "Let's go." So the currently flipping Quirt flipped impressionably at the light from the window from the house inside of the earth and on top of it. Quite cold, the dining dog and the impressionable landscape Ftyd considered growlingly. The sack of oranges, remember them? Oh god, the flippity doorway and the elaborate growling coming from behind it and or somewhere near and behind it or somewhere near it only, or in front of it. Breop, let's say, was hibernating in the backyard when the denouement occurred. Ftyd and Quirt were having lunch in the foyer after the dog swept the shards under the doorway to the backyard. And then the denouement occurred. Quite cold, and the dog wrapped in a blanket rolled into the kitchen and bumped into the sack of oranges on the floor while the denouement occurred. Then the light from the window. The house! Here in this house where the light from the window and outside of it shining while the denouement occurred in the basement and the house of elaborate impressionisms was quite cold, certainly it seemed to be quite, until later that afternoon and beyond perhaps. "The basement," said Quirt. "Investigate it," said Breop. So Ftyd shouldered the sack of oranges, leashed the dog and investigated the elaborate basement structure. The house burped and Breop felt quite cold while investigating the light from the window and the dust that smoked through its particle waveries. In the backyard, a mouse ran and ran, flipped, investigated a rock and ran back to its house beneath the fence and into a neighbor's house and basement finally. In our house and basement, Ftyd tripped and fell, then woke in the basement a month later and the light from the window was unseeable unfortunately, but Quirt investigated the light thoroughly and concluded that light is made of elaborate growls and of birds that hibernate in the backyards of houses.

Here was a healthy afterward. Breop refused and Ftyd agreed finally refusing, after having risen from the basement like a ghost. And Quirt continued to house him in the impressionable room meant for hibernating. And Breop discovered her vagina and became a woman. "Woman?" thought Quirt whose penis something happened to then. Ftyd sat on the couch impressionable and famished and ready to start over again. Our investigation of the trees in the backyard, the ones where Quirt wished he had returned to, had been successful. Good for him or her. So Breop tore off her clothes and said, "Look! Woman!" and Ftyd and Quirt chewed on quite cold and buttery oranges. Quite cold, the light from the window and all its misery shouted at Breop who wept and ran away. The backyard, so full of oranges and other hibernating characters deep in dream investigations. Say the light from the window was buttery. Say Quirt and Ftyd read newspapers and fell into hibernations. Say the sack of oranges shined on by the light from the window of the house felt buttery and the house and its roof felt quite cold under the scorching sun ironily. And Breop in front of the house screaming screaming. The elaborate growl from the mailman as he walked by explanatorily. Quite coldly came Breop back into the house calmly and ready for a shower. So Quirt smiled a growl and Ftyd growled a cold and impressionable growl at the light from the window finally. Impressionably, the impressionable Breop ran out of soap somehow and Quirt left to investigate the hibernation of Ftyd in the foyer again, under the light from the window again, from the house again. The house and the quite cold and buttery light coming from the window made the house feel like a used sack of oranges growing older and less ready to eat if anyone ever would. Breop found soap in the bedroom dripping on the floor bruised by the light from the window all night and Chak lay in bed hibernating already, holding the sack of oranges like a pillow, quite cold. Chak felt impressionable and she said as much. "I feel impressionable." Ftyd lived in the backyard then and for about a month hibernated amongst the investigative and impressionable ants. Chak felt impressionable, very much so, so Breop held her in bed and the sack of oranges hanging above them was shined on by moonlight from the window from the house that glovely held them. The buttery light from the window from the backyard was quite cold and Ftyd snored at the moon elaboratedly and buttery and much like a sack of oranges. Consider the sack of oranges unsacking themselves and walking around like little round persons investigating the world along with the elaborate growls of its inhabitants. Chak felt Breop's buttery arms around her and smilingly returned her squeezing of her while Ftyd growled in his sleep at the elaborate plot to find the impressionable ants eating oranges and eventually hibernating in them as round sunly houses lumped sackly together.