Seven Places I Have Found My Grandmother in the Last Six Years

Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.

Listen to: Seven Places I Have Found My Grandmother in the Last Six Years


What I've come to understand is that a person has a doppel "gang"—not just a doppelganger—whether or not they are alive. This poem isn't about regret or forgiveness or death, rather, it's a comment on what it means to miss someone. No one is ever snuffed out, but already lit up elsewhere. I saw my brother thirteen times last month. My father, four times this past week—most recently, he was walking into St. Matthew's Church in Central Falls, Rhode Island, in time for the Portuguese mass (which is something he would never do, let alone understand), right about the same time he was actually cleaning up the raspberry patch at my childhood home in Vineland, New Jersey. They always appear, these alter egos, in the most peculiar places, right when you need them but don't realize it.



Written, Performed and Co-Produced by Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.
Mixed, Edited and Co-Produced by Bradford Krieger

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