Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue Thirty-One of The Collagist!

In this issue, we have new fiction by Lauren Wallach and James Tadd Adcox, as well as new stories also included in two books of short fiction releasing during the next month: Elizabeth Ellen's story "Xenia, ----" is included in her collection Fast Machine, out now from Short Flight/Long Drive Books, and Michael Czyzniejewski's three shorts are part of his Chicago Stories, releasing this month from Curbside Splendor.

We also have two novel excerpts this month, from Amelia Gray's forthcoming Threats (FSG) and Kris Saknussem's Reverend America (Dark Coast Press), plus a non-fiction excerpt from Matthew Gavin Frank's Pot Farm (University of Nebraska Press).

Our poetry this month includes new work by Peter Faziani, Corey Van Landingham, and Sandy Longhorn, as well as the first of two poems we'll be featuring this winter by Kevin McIlovy (the second will appear in Issue Thirty-Two). Our non-fiction this month comes to us from Lucas Mann, and our creative audio piece is by Joe Sacksteder.

In book reviews, we have coverage of Trophy by Michael Griffith (reviewed by Alexander Lumans), Accounted For by Jeannine Savard (reviewed by Philip Kobylarz), In the Absence of Predators by Vinnie Wilhelm (reviewed by Marco Kaye), Next Extinct Mammal by Ruben Quesada (reviewed by Tory Adkisson), and Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini (reviewed by Brandon Hobson).

As always, thanks to all of the above contributors for being a part of this issue, and thanks to you and all the rest of our readers for visiting us this month. I hope you enjoy the issue!

Matt Bell
The Collagist