Willingly Implementing Instructions

Peter Faziani

When I die, feel free to donate
my clothes to those in need but I
would actually prefer you
give them a Viking funeral.
Pile them high on a cheap yellow
inflatable raft. Tuck the oars
away in the trunk of your car and
Launch them from Bolles Harbor at night.
Please layer my clothes so that my
black suit, the one I wore at our
wedding is on top, and burns first.
I'd like to strut 'round in that one up there.
It's also important that my
underwear burns last with hope that
it gets lost on the way up there
because where I'm going I don't
plan on wearing them much anymore.
Tie my worn, blue, green, and maroon
button downs into heavy chains
and attach them to my cement shoes,
the ones you bought me as a gag
that wasn't actually funny.
Tow it out one or two miles
and cast them out as an anchor
to hold my things in place for me when
I need them.