Ark Codex ±0



Calamari Press
February 2012


(+) port folio 0:2:
fur-tethering the waterlogged current to scaffold ghosts



Relative currency is used for our own protection, the abstraction of which is established as a form of literal exchange leading to inevitable market over-saturation. There are 2 sides to current speculation, but the bottom line is only a single tree is needed for the entire ark. And the vanity of placing a decal face on the masthead demeans the meaning, but has no bearing on auspicious behavior. The δeltaing difference is in the sense interface, the designs of which are made visible only when the protein denatures. Still, we set out to prove that: that which we know will die upon QED, will die. History is embedded in the writing of it. Macaw-6 says that: «There is no way out of the petrified sea until you accept fear as desire.» Birds are the words speaking, not to be mistaken for pages on the petrified mastree. Sea-faring birds are an exception to the ark manifest, for they carry their own weight. If anything they'll visit, to roost & parlay with avian spokesbird macaw-6. But the rest of us (the «Figures on a Landscape») are getting ahead of ourselves. First, in the ongoing struggle with entropy & environmental adaptation, «FUR» need be sheered from the bifurcate & applied (as «field dressing») under false pretense. The herd is dredged. Musk ox discover a loophole in the system by fornicating non-stop in a continuous circle, otherwise the rest of us Figures on a Landscape can never even get halfway (per Zeno). We rub candles on fur to disseminate the built-up discharge on the ceiling of the hangar (a false borealis). LUCirce is introduced as a stop-gap Eve—a protean receptacle that envelopes itself in sublimation. But in anticipation of our forced relocation, this is all only a piecemeal «becoming of continuity»—a rivering δelta of δeltas spiraling out from the imaginary pole. We can only begin building a capacity for language so that when the pole shift comes you won't know what hit you.  


0:2:0: This very currency is reverse-engineered after thawing & reassignment. H.E. materializes on the «heads» side of the coin re(as)sembling Darwin, yet H.E. is not a unique individual but an arbitrarily assigned unit. A particular coin is exchanged for a tooth—placed under a suet pillow in the oyster bed (still in the diorama), stapled down under chickenwire. «An eye for an eye»—the sticky pos-it note says: «Root canal is the diagnosis». All «tails» sides (even) by definition contradict odd sides by putting trust in a «po8».   


0:2:1: Not to be mean, but your currency is meaningless here. We tie piano-wire to ferret tails & send them tunneling through the tundra to rehash ingenious grid concepts. The culled data is then plied to establish tide-tables to use after The Rising (an eye placed above). As a matter of recourse, object representations are not currently used. We live off language sandwiches recycled from dried jerky & moss leftover from previous incarnations. The entelechy of Eve is kinetically transferred to lasso caribou for the ribosome ship.


0:2:2: Fear not the pending accumulation of spent potential. Catgut strings are rew/bound into language clots gethered by special crawdads. We then flood the font with caribou blood (a toxic primer)—an all hands on deck scene. Simian hands are needed to roll the trace elements back & spend down before the moon eclipses on the winter solstice. A tree is even set up on the ice out of habit. We're happy to report: «The coast is clear» though technically there's no coast nor living room. Any derived entertainment value is not natural. 


0:2:3: At the base of the artificial tree is a lintrap which, by design, gives away it's own function as a CO2 scrubber. The lintrap accumulates numbers. Net 1s are used for fencing & 0s are used for clouds or sheep depending on your interpretation. Lintrap doubles as a filter for the jacuzzi that will double as a tank for geothermal-vent lifeforms once it's installed—predicts the Herder's Almanac (in reportial language understood by all species involved—even for «CA(te)nary» who uses lingo only for indiscriminant salvation (negating «S.O.S.»).