Serious Games

Terry Blackhawk

—after Harun Farocki’s installation on video trainings for US soldiers


The follow-up images have no shadows.
The images are used for remembering.

The system for remembering is cheaper
than the one for training. Both image systems

are asymmetrical.  It was an ambush.  It smelled
like burnt rubber.  The sun was blacked out. 

Cement block.  Dead dog.  Coke can—
I can't hear you.  I just wanted to get out of there.

—our instructor places enemies.  Huge and very
huge.  We can add ambient background. Add storms. 

They saw Jones first.  Can we turn this off now? 
These images are used for therapeutic purposes. 

I got assigned to Jones.
I am not familiar with this program.

You’re doing a great job.
Look again at the screen. If you are in training

you get shadows.  A sun with no shadow
is worse.  Can you get worse doing this?

This is a new feature.
Palm trees. Friendlies by the side. 

Morning air dust overcast—the light
of the traumatic experience—

It smelled like burnt rubber. 
I didn’t want to shoot anything.

—can be adjusted. They didn’t know where I was. 
I wasn’t supposed to but I started walking. 

The tab on the next page has bullets. 
We can play around with

the sound.  We can add mortars, rooftops.
Sand storms.  Put on your headset.