The Death in Your Face Game

David James

Start by attending a funeral.

Stare long and hard at the powdered face
in the casket,

but picture your child there, a lover, your father,
imagine your own head on the cushion to replace

the dead, like a rotting melon in a basket.
Remember, and number, all the hours

you've flushed down the drain,
all the friends you've forgotten,

the utter nonsense you've devoured
in the name

of living your own life. That's bullshit.
You know it, they know it, this dead guy

knows it. It’s time now to raise
your weeping face into the moonlit

sky, pray for the strength of grace to crucify
the past on the closest tree.

Those who live from this moment on, win.
Those who grind a path toward next week

or next year get blown away like human debris.