Every Seven Years the Cells of the Body are Replaced

J. P. Dancing Bear

Although I can feel my body crumble       fall away
my spine is anchored       to a bolt in the floor

to this end      I am her eternal partner
sitting opposite to her       holding the points of her feet

assisting her stretch       she sighs
once I was a beautiful dancer      and my skin is as cold as the moon

why I feel such guilt      I do not know
her knee damaged long before     I ever     knew her

perhaps it is that I was not there
to watch her own a floor
hypnotize an audience

we are so many things
in our lives
the dust of my former self
accumulates into a new

to this end      she watches me
with a ready hand        

she too is changing          cells and perceptions
slough away       to dust

the parts of us that loves
grow and replace         not love       but the house of love

those open doors      that place
where we understand      each other’s changes

where even in the darkest corners
we embrace the concrete     and flesh

of what we have been
and are about to become