The Author as Man Who Stares Out His Window with the Others as John Rooney and His Men are Gunned Down in the Street in Road to Perdition

Keith Montesano


What we want can be provided, if only we wait, & wait

           for what we never deserved, like the sound of bullets

cascading off bricks in this alley, & not of bullets,

           but the echo between buildings, as I imagine all of us

watching, curtains drawn, each man methodically

           writhing, forefinger on the trigger, nothing spoken

from anyone: watching, shooting, falling. To have faith

           is a wash these days: we know this. To look & see

each man falling is what my nightmares brought

           to my home, my wife, my children, & everyone else

staring out their window then: in this, never away

           from this, never away from trying to find something

miles down the road, in another state, another country,

           another place where we understand little of all we see.