[I may never understand why you purchased the bonnet]

Kyle McCord


I may never understand
why you purchased the bonnet
embroidered with a nude merman,
but you’ll always have my respect.
This convention has changed
the way I think about my employment
in Evil Law Firm #5.
Such a gaggle of winos they attract!
Watch as they wobble into view
like some poor spirograph.
Maybe there is a great hand
pointing at each person’s heart.
I can’t be totally sure.
In the banquet halls of Krakow,
one greets each day
with such certainty.
Prosecutors curse
each suit coat’s insulation.
But don’t fault the solar giant
for doing its job
advertising sun tan lotion
for Evil Corporate Client #2.
So what if it returns each day
disguised as a beggar
here to thwart lusty suitors?
That’s what it’s paid to do.