Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue Forty-Five of The Collagist, where, in honor of National Poetry Month, we're doing something new this month: Instead of our usual novel excerpts, we're featuring three poems each from three different poetry titles, all new from Canarium Books: Ethical Consciousness by Paul Killebrew, Great Guns by Farnoosh Fathi, and Pink Reef by Robert Fernandez. We're also featuring new poems from Aubrey Lenahan, Jocelyn Sears, and Tory Adkisson, plus five new poems from returning contributor C. Dale Young

In fiction, we have new stories by Beth Alvarado and Stephanie Marker, plus returning contributors Brian Kubarycz and Michael Stewart. Our non-fiction this month is Matthew Gavin Frank's essay "The Dawning of the Blue Crab," and our creative audio selection comes from Joshua Unikel.

In book reviews, we have coverage of Tell Everyone I Said Hi by Chad Simpson (reviewed by Alexander Lumans), Sky Saw by Blake Butler (reviewed by Michael J. Seidlinger), Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons by Tara Laskowski (reviewed by LW Compton), and Family System by Jack Christian (reviewed by Crystal Hoffman).

As always, thanks to all of the above contributors for being a part of this issue, and thanks to you and all the rest of our readers for visiting us this month.

Matt Bell
The Collagist