All Caves

Thea Brown


I do not understand what it is to be a woman because I don't care. Some songs, once written, play forever, even when we don't want them to. Even when we wish they'd never been written. I did nothing to stop the spread of my disease. I wanted everyone on my side. Gothic cathedral against a blue sky means free drinks all up and down the thoroughfare, ribbons streaming from the hands of children, careless, pink and lighter pink and darker pink ribbons like all the trees keeping comfort at bay, keeping the local economy fluttery at best, spring through a camera eye. Without a glass lens, who's to say the effects of weather on the festival scene. Make it what you want. Ambulance sirens from all directions, red lights, everyone vanishes. Something sways in the breeze. Once there was a night heron who spent all her time being a night heron. At night. And she was happy.