A Good Percentage

Robert Lopez


All of the women sitting across from the baby are looking at the baby. They are smiling. I cannot see what the baby is doing but whatever it's doing is making all of the women sitting across from it smile. Five of the seven women have nice smiles, which is a good percentage. The other two are smiling like they hate the baby, like they wish the baby was dead or on another subway. These two probably cannot have a baby themselves. They want one but can't have one. It is sad, but not unusual. They have tried countless times. One can't conceive and the other can't carry to term and now they hate this baby and the baby's mother as they hate all babies and all mothers. I don't judge these women. I know what it's like. I am on my way home to drink myself asleep and maybe try to make weekend plans with Esperanza, who has been avoiding me of late.