Letter from the Editors

Issue Fifty-Six: March 2014


Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue Fifty-Six of The Collagist! What once was old is new again, and so we reintroduce our new/old address: For most of the past four years—forty-one issues—The Collagist has been hosted at our publisher's website, (which has recently received a nifty facelift), but now we're back at our old domain and we'd be obliged if you would help us to share the news.

To help, we have a spectacular new issue for you, with fiction from James Brubaker, Michelle Seaton, Pir Rothenberg, and Carrie Guss, excerpts from a pair of debut novels: returning contributor TaraShea Nesbit's The Wives of Los Alamos and D. Foy's Made to Break, and poems from Joshua Bennett, Leah Silvieus, Caroline M. Mar, and Fritz Ward. Our nonfiction this month comes from Kelly Sundberg.

We also have reviews of Rick Hilles's A Map of the Lost World (reviewed by Alex Oxner),  Steven Seidenberg's Itch (reviewed by Forrest Roth), A. T. Grant's Collected Alex (reviewed by James Orbesen), and Sandy Longhorn's The Girlhood Book of Prairie Myths (reviewed by Sarah Ann Winn).

We are always grateful to our contributors and to our readers, but we are especially grateful this month: to our contributors for their pioneering spirit, and to our readers for seeking us out. If you are so moved, we would be still more grateful if you would let others know where to find us.

Gabriel Blackwell and Matthew Olzmann