The Fall Forecast

Shelley Wong


Each autumn the editors name the leaves
anew: burgundy, emerald, chartreuse,
and bronze. They want women to wear
Europe, gemstone, liqueur exclusively
made by monks, antique metal. It takes
a strong woman to wear bejeweled armor
and traipse through Germany
slightly buzzed.
                                   This season,
the must-have mineral is rutilated quartz:
its embedded crystal needles mimic gold
or rust. Such flaws are forgiven.
                                   If the line
looks familiar, consider Chanel, who said,
“Creativity is the act of concealing
your sources.” Boom. The recent is
always losing luster.
                                   Perhaps the decaying leaf
is the new beauty. When they say you’re only
as good as your last collection, one considers
trends. Use bold text for Asymmetry,
Stranger Danger. Everything is not quite so
matchy-matchy. More farm than tea table.
                                   The editors
caress rough edges and think how fin de siècle.
The models dishevel in layers, cracking leather
under the lights.
                                   The girls look like night trees.