Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to Issue Fifty-Nine of The Collagist. In fiction, we've got stories from Nina Solomon, Lâle Davidson, Mika Taylor, and Adrian Van Young, plus excerpts from books by Eleni Sikelianos and Anne Germanacos. In poetry, we have new work from C.L. O'Dell, D'Anne Witkowski, Kenji Liu, and Matthew Jude Luzitano. Our nonfiction section has an essay by Paul Vega.

Our book reviews include coverage of rendezvous by Todd Melicker (reviewed by Caroline Goodwin), American Fraternity Man by Nathan Holic (reviewed by Lavinia Ludlow), Spheres of Disturbance by Amy Schutzer (reviewed by Jackie Thomas-Kennedy), and Fat Jersey Blues by John Repp (reviewed by Keith Taylor). 

We also wanted to remind you of our 2014 Chapbook Contest. The contest is open to pretty much any kind of prose and will be judged by editor Gabriel Blackwell. The deadline is July 15, at midnight.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new issue. We are very grateful for all of our wonderful contributors, and for you, our readers.  

Gabriel Blackwell and Matthew Olzmann