What Will I Do With My X-Ray Vision

Nick Courtright


What will I do with my x-ray vision?
I will do all the nasty things of course
and also apply to the NSA
or get a job at the airport, checking

to make sure no one has too much shampoo,
or uncommon things in their underpants.
And also what will become of my gift
of telescopic sight?  I’ll just stare out

from Jersey over vast waters to test
the timeliness of Lisbon departures,
taking pride in my justifiable
anal retentiveness.  I’ll keep track too 

of the passage of the sun as it makes
its supposed rotations within this
universe’s reckless revolutions
around the Greater Universe.  And when

I stare into a candle it will be
awesome and in a matter of moments
will burn out my whole skull, the skull, like all
receptacles, yearning to be emptied.