Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue Seventy-Eight of The Collagist!

This month, we are pleased to bring you fiction from Barry Gifford, Dennis James Sweeney, Erinrose Mager, and Aimee Parkison.  Our excerpt this month comes from Mark de Silva's forthcoming Square Wave. In poetry we have new work from Julie Henson, Victoria Lynne McCoy, Christian Anton Gerard, and Liz N. Clift.  Our creative nonfiction section features an essay by Tom McAllister.

Our book review section includes coverage of Among the Wild Mulattos by Tom Williams (reviewed by James Yates), A Hanging at Cinder Bottom by Glenn Taylor (reviewed by Justin Thurman), The Book of Feral Flora by Amanda Ackerman (reviewed by Nora Boydston), and Tram 83 by Fiston Mwaza Mujila (reviewed by Gabino Iglesias).

Thank you to all our contributors, and to you, our readers.  We hope you enjoy this issue! 

Gabriel Blackwell and Matthew Olzmann