Where Does the Rabbit Go When the Hounds Are Loosed?

Emari DiGiorgio


From where does the haunting rise, the perennial feeling
in the gut? Where are all the male teachers who kissed

and touched the just graduated or the ones still students?
Where's the prom queen's acceptance speech so thankful

for getting to know Principal Such & Such? Where's his
pregnant wife? Where's my sixteen-year-old body?

Where are spin and fall? Where does a girl torpedo strike
an old battleship? Where's the love she wants? Where are

the boys who don't have a clue? Where are the grown men
who know better? Where's consequence? And Monica?

Where's the scandal with his last name? Where did she go
down on him because she didn't want to have sex?

Where am I not guilty of that, so guilty, I got good at it?
Where have I not been touched? Where is each he who

thought suck and swallow were gifts? Where's my pretty
young thing? Where's the man who doesn't want to own me?