an object the girl an object

Leslie Contreras Schwartz


they said there's more in the back we left it like     it was          the back room opened into
shower stalls and rooms with locks          not on the doors          there were no doorknobs but
chains and zip-ties and stacked heels without pairs          things untethered from          captor
          just objects free of will: spray can of lube old cracked wallet with family photos 
cards     side table          sagging bare mattress          dark memory in a purpled stain     no one
is here but me reading how girls were lined up in this foyer         under glowing lights a
drive-through window          by the front door          which is now the back door with a set of
files office supplies a chair              i read how girls are sold for a dollar and a beer at
cantinas         across from the break-in         room     I asked what it means          i remember
a room is just four walls          a mattress made of polyurethane foam latex foam cotton fiber
and plastic     cable ties are nylon with teeth and an awl there are no girls here no boys a
negligee is polyester synthetic fiber blend made in a clean white          laboratory
a shower stall is just a shower stall an old needle just a thorn     don't touch it     it
won't hurt you          to look          object without          girl
attached no death in the thing               in the walls no bleed into mattress and hair
          the number of otherwise ordinary men is a phrase        but that one shoe size 5 still a
good shoe a girl     this dangling size D bra worn by somebody 
          an object the girl an object     Brooke Vanessa Darylneisha Angelica Morgan Joshua
Emely Eric Drixy Yessica Leojandro Gabriel Fatima Unidentified Missing Minor