Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

Welcome to Issue 100 of The Collagist

To celebrate our 100th, we're featuring new work from former contributors from the previous ninety-nine: Blake Butler (Issues 16202741, and 46 ), Susan Daitch (Issue 47), Michael Martone (Issues 1 and 50), Brandon Hobson (Issues 31 and 73), Caren Beilin (Issue 26), Janalyn Guo (Issue 70), Ryan Call (Issues 11540, and 86), Tim Horvath (Issue 34), Amber Sparks (Issues 739, 49, and 50), Jessica Lee Richardson (Issues 73 and 88), Teresa Carmody (Issues 79 and 88), Greg Gerke (Issues 5063 and 90), Denise Duhamel (Issue 9), Ander Monson (Issue 1), Danez Smith (Issues 42 and 67), sam sax (Issue 63), Leslie Contreras Schwartz (Issue 87), John A. Nieves (Issue 90), Angela Woodward (Issues 40465358666876, and 80), Brittany Perham (Issue 88), Erik Anderson (Issues 2, 16, and 82), and Sean Thomas Dougherty (Issues 46 and 70), and we have reviews from returning reviewers Charles Holdefer (with a review of former contributor Debra Di Blasi's Today Is the Day That Will Matter) and Norene Cashen (Nausheen Eusuf's Not Elegy, But Eros). This goes without saying, but we wouldn't be here if not for our incredibly generous contributors—that was true of Issue 1, and it's still true 100 issues later. 

And, while we could have filled this issue just from the list of our fantastic former contributors, we like to think we're forward-thinking, too, so we also have fictions from new contributors Marream Krollos, A. Joachim Glage, and Tyler Barton, and reviews from new reviewers Emily Hoover (Jesse Sensibar's Blood in the Asphalt), Jeri Theriault (Lisa Bellamy's The Northway), and Rajpreet Heir (Timothy Denevi's Freak Kingdom). 

We also wouldn't be here without you, of course, kind reader, so thank you so much for visiting, reading, and sharing the work we publish. Here's to another 100!

Gabriel Blackwell