Issue One Hundred

December 2018                                              

Letter from the Editor
Gabriel Blackwell 


Glyph Atlas
Blake Butler 

Some Planetary Remains
Susan Daitch 

Klaus Weber, Curb House Numberer
Janet Vachon's Glider
Juan Reyes, Lineman
Gloria Gleason's Crocheted Pennants
Michael Martone 

The Leper
Brandon Hobson 

You Know I'm Such a Fool for You
Caren Beilin

The Man Who Dropped a Baby
Marream Krollos

Lake Rose
Janalyn Guo 

Notes of a Journey to the Outerland
Ryan Call

The Directions
Tim Horvath

You Won't Believe What Really Happened to the Sabine Women
Amber Sparks  

Jessica Lee Richarson

Carol Krusen Helps a Friend
Teresa Carmody  

The Eighteen Possible Plots
A. Joachim Glage 

Greg Gerke 

The Species, Broadly
Tyler Barton 


First Death
Denise Duhamel

First Subtraction: Seems and all its homophones
Ander Monson

saw a video of a gang of bees swarming a hornet that killed their bee-homie so i called to say i love you
shout out to my niggas in Mexico
Danez Smith

Antizionist Abecedarian
sam sax

Coordinates to a Field in My Therapist's Notes
an object the girl an object
Leslie Contreras Schwartz 

The Maps Move
Rush Hour Sluice
John A. Nieves 


Coat Hooks
Angela Woodward 

Crown: A Family History
Brittany Perham

100 Lies About Me
Erik Anderson

Dear Editor Who Wished Me Luck Placing My Poems Elsewhere
Sean Thomas Dougherty  


Today Is the Day That Will Matter by Debra Di Blasi
reviewed by Charles Holdefer

Blood in the Asphalt by Jesse Sensibar
reviewed by Emily Hoover

The Northway by Lisa Bellamy
reviewed by Jeri Theriault 

Not Elegy, But Eros by Nausheen Eusuf
reviewed by Norene Cashen

Freak Kingdom by Timothy Denevi
reviewed by Rajpreet Heir