What Do You Day Dream When You're at Work or When You're in a Crowd

Camonghne Felix


When I'm at work I daydream about not being at work, about being in my bed, sometimes alone, most times alone, but mostly alone and watching TV or making myself come. I daydream about days that are sunny and cool and my windows are open and my six pillows feel like too full clouds and the clouds are holding my shoulders, pulling me down into the soft Christmas gold of a day with nothing to do but touch myself and watch Being MaryJane and Insecure and I think being too busy and too successful is too much to be desirable on a day when I'm not required to be and I guess it's how I feel in a crowd too, deeply overwhelmed with the axis of humanity and deeply beyond myself so yup I'm back into my bed with my pillows with my little silence my all to myself silence my me and myself silence and I don't come back until I'm high