Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

Welcome to Issue 102 of The Collagist!

As has become April custom, and in honor of National Poetry Month, this issue features an expanded poetry section, and—as has also become April custom—this letter has some news about what we've been up to behind the scenes (and who "we" are, too).

Before we get to the news, though, the issue: In it, our contributors wrestle with history and histories, with the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial, with fact and fable and myth and creation, and there are deer and bats, birds, roaches, and yet more deer (and cake!). We're very excited to be sharing with you first publications from two writers, a first for us, a welcome first, and we're also welcoming back several former contributors.

Speaking of firsts, our news: This issue is the first with our new Associate Editors Jessica Cuello and Romana Iorga—welcome aboard, Jessica and Romana!

Thank you, as ever, to our wonderful contributors, and to you, reader, for stopping by!

Gabriel Blackwell