Things I Learned from My Sons While Driving Them Home from School

Angela Narciso Torres


There is a religion in Vietnam that worships Charlie Chaplin and Victor Hugo.

Long Island has four McDonald’s restaurants per square mile.

Mrs. Morris, the English teacher, swears.

The Great Wall is not the only man-made thing you can see from outer space.

A world famous violinist, whose concerts usually sell out at $100 a ticket, dressed as a bum and played Bach for 45 minutes in a Metro station. Only six people stopped to listen.

In Dubai there is a group of islands in the shape of a palm tree.

If you stand in the schoolyard during recess playing the theme from “Rocky” on a kazoo, you could earn  $1.27 and a refrigerator magnet.

All girls look better with bangs. And makeup is the most disgusting invention. Ever.

You can’t fold a paper in half more than eight times.

On the new Baskin-Robbins logo, a pink 31, for thirty-one flavors, is hidden in the BR.

A boy in seventh grade breeds guppies in his locker and sells them in water bottles.

Imagine a solid steel ball the size of the earth. A bird flies by and brushes its wing on the ball’s surface once a year. When the whole ball has eroded, eternity is just beginning.