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Dzanc Books publishes innovative and award-winning literary fiction, including short story collections and novels by accomplished and award-winning writers such as Roy Kesey, Yannick Murphy, Peter Markus, Hesh Kestin, Kyle Minor, Michael Czyzniejewski, Suzanne Burns, Peter Selgin, Laura van den Berg, Robert Lopez, Dawn Raffel, Jeff Parker, Terese Svoboda, and Henning Koch, as well as many others through our imprints, Black Lawrence Press, Other Voice Books, Starcherone Books, Keyhole Press, Monekeybicycle, Absinthe: New European Writing, and Disquiet.

Dzanc also publishes The Collagist, a monthly online literary journal; provides low-cost writing instruction through the innovative Dzanc Creative Writing Mentorships; runs the Dzanc Writers-in-Residence Program; conducts the yearly Dzanc Prize, which recognizes a single writer for both literary excellence and community service, as well as an annual short story collection competition; and organizes the Disquiet International Literary Program, a writing conference held in Lisbon, Portugal.

What It Is

An exciting opportunity for our most loyal readers, the Dzanc Books eBook Club delivers a new eBook to its members on the first day of every month, with each selection coming from Dzanc and all of its imprints. In response to the proliferation of compatible devices and increased interest in eBook readings, Dzanc is committed to making it easier and less expensive for our readers to keep up on the newest releases from our catalog, and to delivering our titles in different formats for different kinds of readers.

Started in December 2010, selections so far have included acclaimed novels and short story collections by Robert Lopez, Roy Kesey, Stacey Levine, and Jeff Kass. Future books will be drawn from both our frontlist and the Dzanc Reprint Series, allowing us to deliver a wide variety of accomplished and emerging writers to our members.

Like all our eBooks, titles in the Dzanc eBook Club are delivered in DRM-free MOBI, ePub, and PDF formats, ensuring that club members will be able to enjoy it on their Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, or whatever other platform they choose to use, as well as their PC and whatever newer devices might emerge in the near future.

The Dzanc eBook Club is one of the best ways to stay current with our newest books, and we truly believe it is the best value available to eBook writers anywhere. With subscriptions costing just five dollars per month or sixty dollars per year, members receive a 37% discount off the eBook list price of our selections, on top of knowing that they'll receive many of our new titles as soon as they're released, in the format best matching their choice of reading technology.

If you have any questions or concerns, please free feel to email Matt Bell at

How It Works

Option One: Get eleven books for $50, including five titles of your choice immediately upon signing up, plus a six-month subscription! This is a 43% savings compared to the cost of ordering the eleven titles individually in eBook form.

You may choose your initial five books from any that we have available in our regular catalog, as well as in our rEprint Series. 

Upon signing up for the Dzanc eBooks Club, you will receive your five selected eBooks, plus the current month's selection within 48 hours. Then, on the first of each of the next five months, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book.

After the sixth month, members will be able to continue your subscription for just $5 per month, a savings of nearly 40% from the Dzanc eBooks cover price.

Option Two: If you already have some of the above bundled eBooks, you may also sign up for the eBook Club directly, starting with the current month's book, which will be delivered within 48 hours:

  • $15: three-month subscription
  • $30: six-month subscription
  • $55: one-year subscription (includes one free month!)

On the first of each month, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book. With this option, you will be automatically resubscribed for the same period when you current subscription ends, unless you cancel through your Paypal account.

Our January 2014 Selection:
Stop Here, My Friend by Merrill Joan Gerber

A fantastic short story collection from our rEprint Series--Merrill Joan Gerber gives us a wide range of mostly youthful, female characters that go through many different stages of life from that of a teenager on through the early years of marriage and dealing with both in-laws and one's own set of parents while developing your own new relationship and family.


Previous Selections

December 2010: Asunder by Robert Lopez

January 2011: How They Were Found by Matt Bell

February 2011: Love Doesn't Work by Henning Koch

March 2011: Pacazo by Roy Kesey

April 2011: Knuckleheads by Jeff Kass

May 2011: The Girl With Brown Fur by Stacey Levine

June 2011: From the Darkness Under Our Feet by Patrick Michael Finn

July 2011: Seven Spanish Angels by Stephen Graham Jones

August 2011: We Make Mud by Peter Markus

September 2011: A Tendency to Be Gone by Pamela Ryder

October 2011: Malcolm & Jack (and Other American Criminals) by Ted Pelton

November 2011: My Date with Neanderthal Woman by David Galef

December 2011: The Backslider by Seán McGrady

January 2012: A Catalogue of Everything in the World by Yelizaveta P. Renfro

February 2012: Animal Sanctuary by Sarah Falkner

March 2012: Fires of Our Choosing by Eugene Cross

April 2012: My Only Wife by Jac Jemc

May 2012: Shopping for a Better Country by Josip Novakovich

June 2012: The Festival of Earthly Delights by Matt Dojny

July 2012: Anna in the Afterlife by Merrill Joan Gerber

August 2012: A True History of... by Josh Russell

September 2012: Stray Decorum by  George Singleton

October 2012: The Lemon Grove by Ali Hosseini

November 2012: The Doctor's Wife by Luis Jaramillo

December 2012: From Old Notebooks by Evan Lavender-Smith

February 2013: The House Enters the Street by Gretchen Henderson

March 2013: Could You Be With Her Now by Jen Michalski

April 2013: The Cost of Living by Rob Roberge

May 2013: Any Deadly Thing by Roy Kesey

June 2013: The Tide King by Jen Michalski

July 2013: A Garden of Fools by  Greg Logsted

August 2013: Cannonball by Joseph McElroy

September 2013: The Bastard Pleasure by Sean McGrady

October 2013: Happyland by J. Robert Lennon

November 2013: Flushboy by Stephen Graham Jones

December 2013: Neighbors of Nothing by Jason Ockert

January 2014: Stop Here, My Friend by Merrill Joan Gerber